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The Lady of the Rock Conceptual Sketch

by Alex Castro

 “The Lady of the Rock” © (20″ x 27″ )  rough conceptual sketch, graphite pencils on paper, work-in-progress by Alex Castro

This work of art is called “The Lady of the Rock,”  “Gaia,” earth seen as a person in Greek mythology, was composed over 20 years ago when the image of the personification of the Earth came to me in a dream. I saw the “Lady of the Rock” as not just a woman emerging from the rocks, but as the spirit of the mother earth gazing down on her creation.  Her breast represents fertility and reproduction; the river represents life streaming through her and the distant mountains represent the heights that can be achieved through struggle. This mystical work has a special visual effect that can be interpreted differently by the viewers.

 The work will be sketched on a prepared wood panel and then painted with oils using an impasto affect.  



This is a scale picture of me drawing that gives you and idea of the size. 

Face close-up: after numerous attempts to change the original face, I always come back to the one in my dream.

 Note on sketching: Some conceptual sketches have been done on scraps of paper, backs of receipts and napkins, even  palms of hands. Sketches are a form of shorthand for a full drawing and are  mostly intended to capture or work out your ideas before developing it into a more complete drawing or painting.

I typically don’t work with graphite on tracing paper.  I prefer to work with charcoal on illustration board or charcoal paper for fully developed drawings. That being said, this drawing will only be used to transfer the original concept onto the wood panel.  For my viewers on the Internet, I developed this as much as I did.


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