A Portrait of Frazetta's Conan the Barbarian – Work In Progress

by Alex Castro

1/7th cold cast porcelain resin sculpted by Clayburn Moore ,from CS Moore Studio’s, Work in progress by Alex Castro , Private Collection of Darrin Hinze

In this portrait, or should I say study, of this iconic figure by Frank Frazetta that has captured the imagination of generations and many more to come, I felt a creative responsibility not only to Darrin the owner of this piece but to my fans and painters in the field of figure painting to bring Clayburn Moore’s great sculpt to life in my style of painting. I wanted to set the bar as high as I could in my beloved field of miniatures painting, to inspire other great artist to surpass my work and break new barriers in this art from.

For me, it means the world to have the master “Frank Frazetta “look at my work and smile.

About the work:

In this close up I changed the eyes three times I have a few rules when it comes to eyes. First they must not be cross eyed; secondly, the eyes must have a point of focus; and thirdly, they must also catch the ambient light even in shadows. I also want the eyes to capture the character of the face, which throws it over the top.
Conan Close-up, note the intensity of the stare!

Note the skin tones (strong yet soft ); its glow and how it catches light. Note the green effect and how it adds an interesting element to the skin tones. Notice that the accessories are all present, but the ambiance of the body still maintains a relaxed visual look.

At this stage, we must now start to consider the visual interrelationship that the figures have on the composition and how to balance then visually. Notice the important role light plays in the composition. Please note the ground work and sword are still not completed.

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