Post image for Bernie Wrightson’s "Frankenstein"

Bernie Wrightson’s "Frankenstein"

by Alex Castro

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein, 1/8th Scale from Dark Horse . Work-in-progress by Alex Castro
Back view

Bernie Frankenstein is what I would call literally a “monster hit.” This model screams out technical proficiency. The two figures shown here are parts of a very elaborate piece made of vinyl. Working with vinyl is critical because you have to know how to cut it and heat it. If this is not done correctly you can lose the piece. Also because the vinyl is soft and pliable it must be packed to keep it from collapsing. Some of the other difficult areas with this model involved the skin on the monster that consists of rotting skin, stitches, cuts and bruises; the water affect in the vat, and the illusion of the weight of the vat. This kit also has a floor which consists of electrical machinery, buckets with body parts, paper with writing, stacks of books, medical equipment, bones, ropes and huge wood beams all of which represent logistical problems that have to be dealt with individually but harmoniously. Another challenge was to pose Dr. Frankenstein and the monster to bring out the tension between them.

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