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Damiyo, Mounted Japanese War Lord

by Alex Castro

Damiyo, Mounted Japanese War Lord, Azuchi-Momoyama, (1568-1600), 90mm; Damiyo was sculptured by Victor Konnov for Pegaso Models. George Papandrea’s Private Collection , Painted by Alex Castro


This piece was painted for George Papandreas who is an avid collector of Samurai miniatures He owns a successful oriental import business in West Virginia called “Ameurasiart” his company was chosen to provide the swords used by Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe in the Warner Bros. Movie, “The Last Samurai”*!! George  has a vast knowledge of the Japanese culture has been helpful for me in understanding the culture and dress wear.

It is my opinion that Samurai models are one of the most complex pieces to paint, because of the research material required, the elaborate costumes, patterns, and family emblems. The colors can range anywhere from the dull browns to the vibrant rainbow colors associated with a social class. For example, there were colors that only a Shogun could wear. The Shoguns also wore lacquered elaborately decorated armor with a lot of lace work. There were many things that intrigued me about this piece: the pose of the figure, the horse in action and its expression gave the piece a certain dynamics. During the time I was painting the piece, I had been in contact with Luca Marchett, founder/president of Pegaso Models and Master sculptor . I discussed the replacement of the horns with a leaf designed from a Post Militaire accessory kit. When I showed Luca the finished model he responded with one word “Magnificent.”

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