Alex Castro Druid's dream

Druid Dreams Work in -Progress

by Alex Castro

“Druid Dreams” painted on 45 ” x 24 ” custom made oil primed Belgium linen panel. WIP By Alex Castro.(c)

Dear Friends ,

Druid Dreams , is a complex multi-faceted composition ; one of deep meditative beauty . I ‘ve never been to Stonehenge in England . I had to rely on stock photos, the Internet and anything I could get from books for my research. I would have loved to sketched these stones from life and actually touch them. To me they are magical! As for inspiration, I’m a lover of anything that relates to Celtic and always had a fascination for the Druids, Merlin or anything to do with the Arthurian sagas. I’m also a great fan of books by Douglas Monroe, Druids and Merlin.

I have completed the stone work. I will finish the groundwork, grass, for last. In my next phrase I will be adding a moon in the upper left corner of the composition that will add balance and an air of mystery to the painting. As you can see, In the final phrase, I will discuss the issues involving the girl.

Final note, nothing is written in stone “lol”. That is nothing is final at this point and some areas are still subject to change.

Thanking you for taking the time to look.

Stay tuned.

“Druid Dreams ”

This rough conceptual brunt umber wet drawing will be painted on 45″ x 24″ custom made oil primed Belgium linen panel.  Drawing by Alex Castro
Composition: Going into this composition, I could think of no better back drop than Stonehenge. That being said, the stones would have to be impressive and significant in themselves but not enough to dominate and overshadow the girl. I used a mixture of elements to compose this composition like the strong static monoliths, against the turbulent tempest of clouds and movement of a dynamic sky with gray clouds on the move; the ying and the yang, to be balanced out with the moon and the girl.
I have included crows an top of most of the stones, since they seem to be present very often in Stonehenge. They are also symbolic of the black arts magic and Merlin.

“Druid Dreams” 45”x 24” graphite pencil on tracing paper, work-in-progress by Alex Castro ©

The painting: I felt that if the composition was to be credible, the stones had to be painted in a manner that they appeared realistic. I started painted the stones from left to right because I’m right handed. As I started painting each of the stones, I was struck by the uniqueness, grace and dignity that each of the stones possessed. I worked one stone at a time. It took me one to two days of painting, making sure I gave each of these stones the artistic attention they deserved.
When I paint, I like to think that each part of my painting is a mini stand alone painting that could be framed. You can see the quality and detail in each of these stones.

“Druid Dreams” painted on 45”x 24” custom made oil primed Belgium linen panel. WIP By Alex Castro

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