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by Alex Castro

Ecstasy , 1/4 Scale, sculptured by Steve West, from Cellarcast, one piece resin figure/base, painted by Alex Castro



 Julie Bell is a beautifully sculptured kit. The kit is produced in a cold cast white resin. The techniques and concepts established with Gallows were further developed with Julie Bell. As I was painting Julie Bell, I was pushing the envelope artistically to add even more realism. In my opinion what Julie Bell proved was that you can get oil painting results from acrylics without any of the oil paint drawbacks. I have been able to achieve with acrylics brilliancy and a complexity of tones that have depth and produce a buttery soft appearance of the skin. It was the creation of this illusion of softness that was most significant because most acrylics give a flat brittle appearance. For me the culminations of these techniques broke the mold and validated them. Julie Bell is a model of a real person. She is an associate of Boris Vallejo. In fact, it was one of Julies’s paintings that the piece was sculptured from. A picture of this model was sent to Julie Bell who said that this was a “great paint job.” I used Julie Bell in the how toof my book, The Art of Painting Miniatures: Faces & Figures, area to show case my skin techniques.

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