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“El Maestro”

by Alex Castro

“El Maestro” 58 “ x 92” graphite , common yellow number #2 pencil on paper .Drawn by Alex Castro ©

My dear friends and Students,

I have selected this picture I took of myself as my formal portrait in the art world… I decided on this composition for a few reason, first let me tell you I decides early in my career that portraiture work was not for me, I felt rightfully or wrongly that it evolved flattery and I wanted to paint what was in my heart…

That being said, many great artist have painted his or her self-portrait for prosperity, after looking at many of the old masters self-portrait I decide on this picture I took of myself, because aside from my own personal feeling I felt it represented the artist at work in his studio in a powerful way that speaks for all artist at work creating art, it is in this spirit that I decided to draw and the paint this composition of myself entitled “El Maestro”

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