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El Palomero – Work In Progress

by Alex Castro

El Palomero,   22″ x 36″ graphite pencil on tracing paper , drawing by Alex Castro

  The Great Master and legendary Frank Frazetta once asked me “why did you ever stop painting on canvas.” The answer to this is that I never stopped painting since before I paint on canvas I have already painted the picture in my mind. A creative mind is always at work. That being said, painting takes a lot of creative energy and now I have reach that point again.

I have been putting together some original compositions. The attached is a composition that I conceived years ago, which I will start painting in oils. As you can see the process, I first start with a master sketch and then pastels.

The work is entitled “El Palomero” (The Pigeon Man). “El Palomero” depicts a Spanish peddler who loves pigeons and has dedicated his life to feeding and caring for them. When the painting is complete it will contain other pigeons, an aged hawk tied to a wagon.

The piece will be painted on lining canvas 35″ x 46″. If anyone is interesting in purchasing this original work of art, please contact me.




Master sketch of “El Palomero” Note the grid lines for scaling on to canvas.
The process I use: First a color conceptual in pastels seen below. Then using the grid system I scale up the original pastel,to the master sketch; then transfer sketch on to the prepared canvas for painting. This is the original pastel 13″ x 24″ sketch drawn by me that will be sold with the finished painting!

It’s as destiny wants this painting to be completed!! When I took the picture, my neighbor and I were both shocked at the resemblance!! We brought a stuff crow and dove at A.C. Moore to use as as props. Don and I have been discussing this project for weeks. He is very excited to model as the “palomero” for the painting. I started to shoot some test pictures and to my amazement Don was not only a great model but was instrumental in suggesting what looked best. These are some of the results. Don surprised me when he informed me that he had found a old wagon that was just like the one I had described to him for the composition. See picture below. The wagon was perfect. Special thanks to the owner of the Country store for giving me permission to take pictures.

I just have to get Don to pucker-up with a piece corn in his mouth! I gave Don an old crumbled up newsprint paper to represent the flying dove. This is Don posing with the wagon that will be carrying a hawk and pigeons. I also plan on adding a cat around Don’s feet. Now, I have to tie all the pieces together and develop the final composition. Stay tuned as the wonderful work of art that I have envision to paint will come to life!

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