Priming complete on Frazetta's Conan the Barbarian

by Alex Castro

 1/7th cold cast porcelain resin sculpted by Clayburn Moore ,from CS Moore Studio’s, Work in progress by Alex Castro , Private Collection of Darrin Hinze


Frazetta’s “Conan the Barbarian ” 

Now that the priming has been completed, I use acrylic paint Tamyia XF-2 Flat white. I take a brand new paint jar and fill it to the top with clear alcohol. Shake the jar well. Then I apply the paint with the airbrush, gently, one layer at a time (dusting),

I then wash the statue with in running cold water with a large bristle brush. I do this after I apply the paint. I dry off the figure with paper towels and pressured air from an air brush. I call this this washing of the figure the smoothing process which takes off the acrylic dust and smoothes the figures.

Close-up Conan’s face and scars Picture of IWATA airbrush (HP-BE 1) I use for priming and the Acrylic Tamiya XF-2 Flat White used .

I keep tweezers. a hobby knife, a small brush and an extra fine sand paper handy in the event I spot any perfection or hairs. Airbrushes sometimes splatter paint as well. Once it passes my visual inspection, I physically feel the piece for smoothness to esnure that there are no rough spots.

Note, the anatomy, in my opinion, must be flawless, particularly on the females or figures that have a larger areas of exposed skin.

Now the canvas is ready for painting.

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Alex Castro May 3, 2012 at 9:04 pm

Ken my apologies for the delayed response , i will soon be releasing three new book not sure of the dates but please stay in touche and ask to be a friend on Face book… thank for your patience Ken…

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