Frazetta's Conan the Barbarian – Work In Progress

by Alex Castro

1/7th cold cast porcelain resin sculpted by Clayburn Moore, from CS Moore Studio’s, painted by Alex Castro, Private Collector

The Face: In painting Conan’s face I wanted to achieve a cold intense stare with eagle looking eyes. His eyes are blue like in the book,but have a green look to them due to the gray and flesh area around the cornea of the eyes. I still may tweak his face a little more. I know when the face is done when it looks like I can engage it in a conversation, although Conan doesn’t look like much of a talker!

The Necklace/Earrings: Note the little red jewel on the necklace. I didn’t want to paint the claws in the convensational brown and ivory, so I made mine with ivory gray and black. The earrings are first painted in copper and highlighted in gold. The rest is left in copper for shadowing and toning affect.

The Body:I always shy away from all brown toning since you can’t regulate body temperature with just one color for toning. I also wanted to achieve a skin tone that would look great under different lighting conditions. See example below. The only thing I changed was the lighting source! I added a little hair on his chest and nipple to break up the smooth body builder look and add a little texture the the skin.

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