Haitian Spiritual Singers

Haitian Spiritual Singers

by Alex Castro

” The Haitian Spiritual Singers ” Oils on a 20 ” x  27 ” custom made oil primed Belgium linen wood panel, painted by Alex Castro.(c)

When I first saw these singers perform in a New York art gallery about 20 years ago, I was so impressed and moved by their performance that I started drawing them immediately. I showed them the drawings during the intermission and they were delighted.
In keeping with my goal of painting a series of spiritual new age themes this year, I’m painting The “Haitian Spiritual Singers ” in oils. The original one I had painted was in water colors. However, I felt that this was such a powerful piece, it deserved the Queen of mediums, oils! That being said, I wanted to demonstrate a portraiture in realistic classic style using the old masters techniques. Also, since I’m presently given a class on the topic of Painting Like The Old Masters for the Pocono Arts Council, I felt this work fit in all around perfectly!
The Concept: Even though I had done a watercolor version, I wanted something different for this oil painting. You see, it’s like I’ll know what I want when I see it, but I haven’t seen it yet! Therein lies the creative struggle. For example, I visualized the singer with African features but with a classical Greek nose reminiscent of a Hellenic Goddess making her my own “Black Orpheus Goddess” poised to sing spiritual hymns!
I have been working on the singer’s face full time for the last couple of days. This is rare for me! Let me explain. I typically draw most faces in minutes and often do timed demonstrations. I have painted large canvases in a day, but when it comes to a critical work of art that I’ve been passionately developing for decades, which represents who I am as a painter, then every detail, gesture and tone is critical for me. Time does not matter… it’s about the quality and trying to create a meaningful work of art.
This is a powerful piece that I’m sure you will enjoy in seeing it come to life in this work in progress series.
Thanks for your support and kind words.
Alex Castro .(c)

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antoinette Loiseau May 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm

C’est SUBLIME, j’aime beaucoup, un Travail comme ça mérite, une belle récompense, si je pouvais en donner, je le ferais, merci pour cette belle Oeuvre et le ravissement de mes yeux, continuez!

Larisa Lala January 28, 2013 at 10:03 pm


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