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All Hail to the Queen!

by Alex Castro

 Frank Frazetta ‘s Egyptian Queen, sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, Painted by Alex Castro, produced by ReelArt Studios & Dark Horse Comics, 12 1/4th ”  tall ,  limited to 2000 for worldwide distribution.

All Hail the Queen!
The long-awaited statue of Frank Frazetta’s Egyptian Queen is finally a reality and soon headed into production.
Michael Hudson of ReelArt Studios has released photos of the freshly-painted prototype sculpture, one of ReelArt’s most ambitious projects yet. Meticulously sculpted by Gabriel Marquez and painted in painstaking detail by ALEX CASTRO, the Egyptian Queen is a stunning three-dimensional translation of Frazetta’s original masterpiece.

Like ReelArts’s previously released Frazetta-based sculpture Snow Giants, Egyptian Queen is no dainty little piece. It will be produced in large 1:8 scale, ensuring that every fine detail of the Master’s re-created imagery can be presented.

An interesting feature on the Egyptian Queen came about due to a comment made by Frank Frazetta himself during the approval process. He made the observation that he thought, in three-dimensional form, it looked better without the chamber guard standing off in the background. He felt that, in sculpted form, the guard threw off the visual balance of the piece.

So, as a concession to the Queen‘s “father,” the figure of the guard will not be permanently affixed to the base, but will mount with pins. This will allow collectors to decide for themselves whether to take the purist approach and include the guard in their display to reflect the original painting, or to leave him off in accordance with Frazetta’s view of the piece.

This amazing prototype sculpture of Frank Frazetta’s Egyptian Queen will be on display for fans and collectors to admire and drool over at the Dark Horse Comics booth at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 26 -29.

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