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IWATA Airbrushes Creates a New Category: "Figures/Statues"

by Alex Castro

When I started out 30 years ago, one of my hopes was to have the miniature figures respected as a true art form and not just a hobby. Today’s announcement by Iwata airbrushes brings the industry one step closer to realizing this dream.

For the first time, IWATA airbrushes has created a new category called Figures and Statues on their website that features me as an artist and author and includes the prototype painting of The Egyptian Queen

In my opinion, what makes this an important issue is that the new category has been accepted by this airbrush giant and leader in the fine arts; separating the art of painting Figures and Statues from the model kits, toys and hobby field and including it into the main stream traditional world of fine art. I’m hoping this will attract some of the greatest artisans in the world to convert established 2D masterpieces into 3D wonders. I hope to see more of the classical works of art converted into 3D.

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