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by Alex Castro

Moonsinger, Collectable, 2nd edition series #324 Sculptured by Mark Newman, from Newmanoid Work-in-progress by Alex Castro

This is a massive piece made out of resin and beautifully sculptured. The model depicts a werewolf, which is still mostly human. One of the difficulties I encountered with this kit was that I could not work in segments. This is an example of a model that one has to visualized before committing. The tree stump contained the lower part of the werewolf’s arm. This resulted in a delicate puttying process because I could not lose the muscular biceps and veins. Getting rid of this line without destroying the anatomy was a real challenge. Also another challenge was handling the piece. Since the piece is so large and heavy, handling it was awkward. Part of my painting strategy was to complete the bottom of this piece to make it more manageable to handle and paint. Another area to make note of is the high visibility of the mouth, the teeth and the gums. It is very important to use the right technique to maintain a balance between the human and the wolf.

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