I Am Now Paint Master For the Frazetta Museum and ReelArt Studios

by Alex Castro

 Fall 2007 News

 The hot summer months now behind us, most of Franks summer days were spent in the studio watching baseball and reading photo magazines newest technical advances. His wife Ellie continues to run the gallery on weekends and promoting the art that we have all come to love. I chip in when I find a free minute during the week, but as you can see, I have had little time to dedicate just simply revising the web pages, along with the tedious job repainting the Dark Kingdom statues.

There is a new series of Death Dealer statues about to be released exclusively through the Frazetta Gallery web site and Museum. Sculpted by Steven Lord who did a master rendering on the Dark Kingdom statue for us a few years back. Reel Art Studios has also released a very large and detailed three figure statue of Snow Giants which we now offer in the gallery store signed and numbered. Reel Art Studios has the Egyptian Queen and Death statue coming out shortly. Both Dealer #4. and the Egyptian Queen are in the final stages with the master statues in the Orient awaiting an approval on the paint matching. The original paint master was duplicated to the finest detail by friend Alex Castro who is a resident of the Pocono Mountains. He is a Master Painter in the model and miniature world of figures and statues. His ability to duplicate or paint a three dimensional piece is amazing! This is his profession, and he is at the head of the class. So if you ever need a sculpture touched up or transformed from a blank model kit, he will make it come to life with his understanding of miniature painting. He did the Dark Kingdom statue at a later date when I was having problems trying to get someone deal with the Orient. His work is all over the web and numerous clients wanted my finished Dark Kingdom statue to look exactly like his.  

My dear friends,

It’s been a while, I have decide to take a short break from my busy teaching and totting schedule, and head back to the studio to paint miniatures gain!

My dear friend Frank Frazetta Jr. has given the exclusive rights to be the Paint Master for his father’s miniatures and statutes sold thru the Frazetta Art Gallery , stating with the statute Death Dealer in the swamp!

Paint Master means that I will be the first to paint the first figures or statues and all other product and reproductions will be coped from my original color palette and composition painted by me before going into full production and product promotion like box art !

Secondly the Frazetta family has granted me the exclusive right and will indorse and support any articles’ and books on painting their miniatures & statues authorized by the Frazetta gallery and family, subject to their approval!

To me this is an honor and one of the high lights of my career as a miniature painter my admiration for Mr. Frazetta goes beyond saying ,my idol as a young painter and a legend In latter life!

Stay tuned for Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer in the swamp! Painted by me!

Above images of “Death Dealer in the Swamp” are from the Frank Frazetta gallery.

Thank you all for your support,


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