Saturation, Isolation, and Containment: Frazetta's Conan the Barbarian (nude version) – Work In Progress

by Alex Castro

Frazetta’s “Conan the Barbarian” Nude version, 1/7th cold cast porcelain resin sculpted by Clayburn Moore ,from CS Moore Studio’s, Work in progress by Alex Castro , Private Collector

 I paint comfortably with oils as with acrylics. My training in the fine arts was mostly with oils. I make my own mediums from scratch.

For figures and statues i primarily use acrylics for speed and for the use of airbrush, enamels for precious metals . However, for certain applications and for brilliance I always reach for the oils.

The concept I go by is Saturation, Isolation, and Containment.

First, I saturate the base and everything on it, up to Conan’s boots with Burnt Sienna & Raw Umber oils in a diluted form (use thinner to dilute). Once dry, I then will Isolate the things around the base like the female , the skull, hand ,ax, etc. Finally I contain the details on each of these items .

This approach to painting miniatures produces an integrated look, where things seem to emerge rather than appear separate (cut out look).

The female (Natala) and skull, at this point, has been painted with the same colors (Burnt Sienna & Raw Umber oils) as the base.

Then I simply wipe off the color with paper towels and Q-tips for hard to reach areas. Again, the point here is to achieve integration within the base, keeping mind my golden rule that” Effect trumps technique.” In other words, no matter what the technique is, it is worthless if it doesn’t achieve the visual effect desired.

Once the base is dry, I will then paint the ribs, hand and other things like bringing out the rocks. Then I’ll add a little gray mixed in with green as an accent and move on.

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