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“Eye of Creation”

by Alex Castro

“Eye of Creation”  13 x 18  graphite pencil  on tracing paper, drawn by Alex Castro

For now, this is the last drawing in my mystical series called the “Eye of Creation ”  It is believed by some Mystics that the eye is not so much the window of the soul as it is a two-way gateway, both transmitting as well as receiving energy.
That being said, I wanted the eye to look aged and wrinkled; the eye of creation. I also wanted the embryo to give the optical illusion of being suspended in the iris part of the eye.

I made the surrounding area and lashes on the outside of the eye less focused to direct the viewer’s attention to the more detailed embryo in the center of the drawing. I used a lot of graphite (lead) on this drawing  purely for internet display purposes. A simple outline would have been enough to trace the image on to the primed gesso panel.

As for the meaning of “The Eye” I’ll let you determine that!!

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