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“The Mask of Athena”

by Alex Castro

” The Mask of Athena” Rough conceptual,  16″1/2 x 12″ 3/4 graphite pencil on paper drawn by Alex Castro (c)

The Mask of Athena is a  work I’ve had around for years. I’m still working on it until it’s done to my complete satisfaction. Ever since I read Greek mythology, I have been fascinated with the Mask, particularly how these  Greek Gods transformed into humans and into animals. I am principally interested in introducing the spiritual element into my compositions as you will see this theme play  throughout all my drawings and paintings that I will be introducing to  the world shortly.

That being said, this composition started out with a drawing of young woman’s face.  I wanted her eyes wide open. Then I drew parts of an Owl  and over laid the parts on the right side of the face. I then drew the other side. The point was to make it similar but not exactly the same.
The effect produce an unexpected emergence of an African motif with wings, which coincidentally is the exact location that many of the ancients and sages believed was the location of what is called the “ Master Look,” the “ Third Eye”, and the location of the red dot often seen in India.
“ Hindus attach great importance to this ornamental mark on the forehead between the two eyebrows. The a spot is considered a major nerve point in the human body since ancient times. The red ‘bindi’ between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. It is also the central point of the base of the creation itself — symbolizing auspiciousness and good fortune.” – Yahoo
 My goal is to capture the transition between owl and goddess and not have one dominate the other, at that moment when the goddess and owl are one.
I will be painting this drawing in  oils on wood panel or untampered masonite.

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