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The Passing of Frank Frazetta.

by Alex Castro

From CS Moore Studio, 1/7 scale, sculptured by Clayburn Moore, work in progress by Alex Castro ©

The great master and father of fantasy art has passed yesterday . He was my idol and an inspiration from my earliest childhood. One of the greatest highlights of my art career was having the honor of meeting and collaborating him!

His critique and approval meant the world to me regarding my work on miniatures . One question he asked me was “why aren’t you painting “ I knew he wasn’t talking about the miniatures but about my work on canvas. I also remember how much we laughed about my beret when he said “what ‘s that thing” and the only thing I could response was “well Frank I wasn’t blessed with as much hair as you, but I had it when I needed it”! And everyone broke out laughing!

My only regret was not being able to spend more time with the master . That being said, the world was blessed to have him. He was a legend during his lifetime , now he and his legendary art belongs to the ages!

My deepest condolences to the Frazetta family.

Alex Castro

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