The Pirate

by Alex Castro


The Pirate 150mm Scale, Lead Piece Series 77 Painted by Alex Castro .(c)

This is certainly a unique kit, excellently sculptured discontinued model. This piece was a difficult piece to assemble. The coat had to be put together in segments. Once assembled it had to be seamless. The parrot on the Pirate’s shoulder is also accurately sculptured. I took painstaking time in making his earring and painting his chain. All the buttons had to be individually glued to the coat, the dots on his bandana were all hand painted and the dots in the creases were shadowed. This is an exquisite piece.

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George Reese April 10, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I know how difficult this figure is—I got my pirate from a collector who had started it—got it painted partially, and must have given up. I am lucky in that most everything was there, except for two small items (the skull around his neck and the crucifix). I don’t see the crucifix on your figure either so you must have decided not to use it, or maybe it is lost. I finally have it in primer, and have started to paint the face. I collect only Series 77 and have over 100 of them. Your painting is excellent. I wish I could paint as well. Thanks, George

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