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The Spirit of The Corn

by Alex Castro

“The Spirit of the Corn” measures 48 ” x 36 ” oils on canvas, painted by Alex Castro.(c)

Hi everyone,

The “Spirit of the Corn” measures 48 ” x 36 “. This piece is just about done. I just have to touch it up after it dries around the lower right arm and go around tweaking wherever I see an issue in form, tone value or color. I decided to leave the left hand less finished and more transparent than the right hand. I felt it would look more interesting this way. I believe that anyone can paint something appear new or whole but making something look old, worn and battered is where the challenge is….it is this that makes the painting take on a certain “Character, “I will be signing the painting as ” Elia Cid ” as well as the rest of my paintings. I will keep my Alex Castro signature for the statues and miniatures as it is already published and established in the field of statues and miniatures around the world.
Although I am a traditionalist, I will pick a style that best suites the composition and the visual statement, rather than try to impose a particular style on a painting or limit the type and range of work I do because of a style concern. That being said, once I commit to a style for a given composition , I try not to mix styles on a particular painting.

To me what is important is to create art that provokes thought and makes the viewer think about what he/she is seeing. I am not interested in decorative art nor am I interested in imitating or following the status quo of existing art. What I’m interested in is pushing the envelop and challenging the the norms of art and at the same time respecting and building on the great art of the past in my own distinct and original way of painting!

Some art critics have in a flattering and in a condescending matter have tried to compare me to some artists and even compared my work to Salvador Dali ! I resist anyone trying to define my work and me at this time. In my opinion, an artist is defined after a substantial body of work and only then we can begin to know the artist. So stay tune as I bring you the best art I can create in the weeks, months and years to come.

Thank you for your continued support.


Written by Alex Castro 05-13-2009

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