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The Warlord

by Alex Castro

The Warlord, 120mm scale, resin Andrea Miniatures, Painted by Alex Castro ,Owed by the YMCA of Queens, NY

The Warlord is excellently sculptured detailed kit. The main issue beside the figure is the horse. This is a war horse, which is bigger and stronger than an ordinary horse to carry a fully armored knight. Note that the horse was researched carefully. Painting the horse has its own set of skills. The coat of arms on the shield was hand painted a la prima from an original design that was researched. Although the shield appears to be yellow, it in fact is an orange blending into a yellow. The saddle is impressive. The silver used on the mail is the same silver I use for priming, double duty as a primer and silvering agent. The ax stock was drilled and a rope was put through to give it more realism. This is a very intricate, detailed piece.

This piece was sold to the YMCA in New York.

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